Ski touring binding vs. alpine binding

Ski touring binding vs. alpine binding

The biggest difference to the regular alpine ski binding is the additional hiking function of the alpine touring binding. It can be unlocked for the ascent and locked for the descent and is a basic requirement for doing larger “steps” when walking.

Ski touring bindings also have climbing aids, a kind of elevation on which the boot rests so that the foot does not overstretch when walking uphill. Since the angle of inclination of the ascents varies constantly, there are usually two other modes in addition to the neutral 0° mode with approx. 9° and approx. 14° climbing aids. Touring bindings are usually lighter, yet robust, reliable and easy to use. If you are looking for the best possible uphill performance, choose a particularly light pin model, for optimum downhill performance choose a construction that guarantees above-average power transmission.

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