Touring ski poles – 2 piece version vs. 3 piece model

Touring ski poles

2 piece version vs. 3 piece model

2-piece ski touring poles are more stable because they have fewer individual parts. The connecting points or clamping systems are subject to high loads, especially in technically demanding passages – i.e. exactly where the pole has to provide maximum grip. Fewer connection points or clamps therefore mean less susceptibility to technical complications and thus a gain in safety. If first aid has to be administered and the pole has to be used temporarily, e.g. to build a ski sled, the 2-piece pole with its added stability is more suitable than 3-piece ski touring poles. 3-piece poles can be reduced to a very small size, but they are only recommended if they have to be stowed in a backpack (e.g. when touring with a split board).

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