Blister-free touring – tips!

Blister-free touring – tips!

Blisters on the feet are a tiresome topic, but with a few tricks they are easy to outwit.

This includes that the liner should be thermoformable and adapted to the personal foot shape by a specialist. This method has proven itself in practice and significantly reduces blisters. Ski socks with reinforcements on the heel and shin minimize friction during ascents (for ski tours lasting several days, make sure to bring along a change of socks!) Creases in socks often cause nasty blisters. It is therefore advisable to ensure a good fit with socks and, especially when stepping in the boot, a crease-free fit. For skiers suffering from blisters, deer sebum from the pharmacy is no longer an insider tip. The exposed parts of the foot such as the heel or the outer toes can be treated with some grease shortly before the ski tour. Blister Band-Aids have established themselves as the best remedy for treating blisters. If they are applied according to instructions, they can really help. If a blister band-aid has come loose, use a large strip of Leukotape to fix it. If the boot continues to cause blisters even after several ski tours, you should consult a ski boot specialist. Although there are few specialized workshops for individual custom-made ski boots, the established ones have become true experts and can make adjustments to both the liner and shell (depending on the boot model).

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