Stepping in and out of pin bindings

Stepping in and out of pin bindings

The Marker Alpinist touring binding can be easily switched from riding to walking mode and back again:

for walking mode, the heel is twisted and the heel lifter positioned upright so that it is easier to operate with the pole basket later on. The brake needs to be applied before stepping in. First, press the metal bar in towards the tip of the ski – either by hand or with a gentle kick with the front of your boot if the touring ski is lying in the snow. This prepares the brake so that you can step into the binding. To do this, position your boot so that the pins on the toe piece can directly grasp the tech inserts on the touring ski boot. The toe piece closes as soon as the downward pressure increases. Now take a spirited first step and exert a little pressure on the heel. The brake will lock automatically. The brake needs to be released again before your descent: this can be done by either inserting the pole tip between the two pins and levering the metal brake bar backwards or manually pulling the short cord that is attached to the bar. Both options release the stopper quickly and easily. Finally, simply twist the binding round into riding mode and enjoy your descent to the full.


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