Protection on tour – the helmet

Sicher auf Tour

der Helm

Wearing a ski helmet on prepared slopes is now self-evident. On ski tours more and more people also choose to wear head protection. But the question is – is this necessary?

Unlike on the slopes, the risk of collision with other skiers in open terrain is very low. Nevertheless, danger lurks everywhere, making a helmet absolutely recommendable. Right below the snow surface, especially at higher altitudes, there are often stones or boulders – not visible – and even icy passages or downhill runs with hard snow surfaces pose a considerable risk of injury. Depending on the ski tour and route, there may even be a risk of falling rocks. A ski touring helmet can prevent injuries & even save lives. Marker has two light, not too bulky helmets in its program that are ideal for ski tours: Clark and Convoy. The ear pieces of both helmets can be removed, so they can also be used with a headband. Without the earpads, both helmets have a very compact pack size and can be easily stowed away for the ascent.

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