Ski touring skins – tips & tricks for “mounting and pulling off”

Ski touring skins

tips & tricks for "mounting and pulling off"

Putting on and taking off of the climbing skins should be mastered in all weather conditions. Strong winds, massive precipitation or extremely low temperatures can complicate the process, but with a few tricks and some practice it will work.

Depending on the skin system, tricks will differ in small details. The handling of Völkl touring skins with Smart Skin Clip attachment is particularly easy because they can be put on or taken off from the tip as well as from the tail of the ski. Always make sure that the climbing skin is glued on the ski base without creases, that the edges remain free and that the skin is tensioned and fixed in place by means of the skin binding system. The edges must not be covered by the touring skin, because they must grip when crossing on hard snow in order not to slip. If the skin is too narrowly cut and more than 1-2 mm away from the edge, the necessary grip is missing when edging up, especially when the track becomes steeper. Badly prepared equipment requires a better hiking technique and fitness.

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