Ski touring boots – stepping out and storage

Ski touring boots

stepping out and storage

Before getting out of the touring boot, activate the hiking mechanism, open the outer velcro strap, lacing systems and buckles. Press the shell at the upper ends wide open and then loosen the lacing of the liner. Now spread the upper shell wide open again, pull the heel upwards with a bold twisting motion and push the knee forward. Now the foot should be free. After use, shell and liner must be dried. Lodgings often provide special ski boot heaters; at home, a normal radiator also does the job. Only the duration is important. Heavily moistened liners dry faster when they are removed from the shell. Often the soles can also be removed. The dried ski tour boots should be stored with closed buckles in order not to lose their shape.

Auch das Aussteigen aus dem Dalbello Quantum funktioniert am besten, wenn alle Verschlussmechanismen gelöst sind

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