Boot crampons on ski touring boots


Boot crampons on ski touring boots

Even when planning a ski tour, you need to consider whether you could potentially need boot crampons.

If the hard, icy surface of the snow or the steepness or difficulty of the terrain prevents you from ascending any further using ski crampons, boot crampons are often the only thing that will enable you to continue. In most cases, you’ll have to walk the last few metres from the ski depot to the summit – and boot crampons can make a decisive difference here. You should take them with you on your ski tour even if you are not 100% sure whether you will need them. Unfortunately, boot crampons add extra weight and take up space in your backpack, but they are part of your advanced safety equipment. Models differ in terms of their weight, pack size and compatibility with ski touring boots. Aluminium boot crampons are very light, but are not recommended for longer, rocky sections. Sturdier, heavier steel models are needed here. In recent years, “hybrid” crampons have come onto the market that are also suitable for ski tourers. These combine a sturdy steel toe piece with a lightweight aluminium heel piece. The pack size has also improved. The central bridge on some models has been replaced with Dyneema cords, making the boot crampons foldable and far smaller. Please note that not all boot crampons are compatible with all ski boot soles. We also recommend fastening systems with levers on the toe AND heel pieces. Always try putting on new boot crampons at home prior to their first use to prevent any nasty surprises while on your ski tour.

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