Touring skins – how to remove them in strong winds

Touring skins

how to remove them in strong winds

To stow away the climbing skins safely at the summit even in strong winds, it is recommended to pay attention to a few things:

  • If possible, go to the leeward side or into a wind-reverse trough before you start to pull off the skins. If this is not possible, put the climbing skis on the ground and carry out all the following steps as close to the ground as possible, as the wind usually blows a little weaker closer to the ground
  • Always turn your back to the wind
  • Place the ski with the binding down in the snow
  • Half pull off the ski skin from the tail and put the net on. Then remove the climbing skin completely and fold it over to the other side of the net (adhesive surface – net – adhesive surface)
  • Remove the second skin in the same way. Important: Do not leave any objects unsecured, strong winds can blow them away. Always stow nets, skin bags, etc. in your backpack or jacket, even while removing the climbing skins!

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