Crampons – the width must be right


the width must be right

The width of the crampons is based on the waist width of the touring ski. As a rule of thumb: crampon width = middle width of the ski + 2mm.

Ski crampons that are too wide can get caught on the other ski during the walking. In extreme cases, crampons that are too narrow can damage the ski. Crampons that are slightly too narrow often get stuck on the ski and a natural walk becomes impossible. Unfortunately, the width specifications of the manufacturers are not uniform and do not state the maximum usable ski width. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to try out the ski crampon before buying or at least ask your dealer. Crampons for Marker touring bindings are always named after their width – a 90mm wide crampon therefore works for all skis up to a middle width of 90mm. Please note that only crampons that are exactly matched to the binding model can be used! Depending on the binding model, this assembly is different and should be practiced at home before the first ski tour – as is well known, it is easier to test in warm and dry conditions.

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