Pin bindings – pay attention to this

Pin bindings

pay attention to this

Most pin bindings have a lever on the toe piece to switch between walking and riding mode. This is important, because in walking mode the touring binding does not release in order not to unintentionally lose the ski during ascent.

In ski mode, however, it does, which is essential to minimize the risk of injury as much as possible. Since earlier pin bindings occasionally released incorrectly, some ski tourers have unfortunately gotten into the habit of not unlocking the touring binding before the descent, but leaving it in walk mode. This is not recommended, because it can lead to serious injuries! In walking mode, the release function is not guaranteed, so that in the event of a crash, the heel of the boot is released but not the front of the boot. This can cause injuries that could have been avoided if the toe piece had been unlocked. Newer pin bindings, especially those with TÜV certification, only rarely release unintentionally; if at all, then mostly because of iced inserts.

Therefore the tip: Before the downhill run, get into the touring binding with a snow-free sole and lock it briefly. In doing so, snow and ice will be pressed out of the inserts, often clearly visible. Then set the lever back to ski mode and the descent can begin.

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