Touring skis – light all-rounders

Touring skis

light all-rounders

Touring skis are usually especially built light to save energy during the ascent. This generally also has an influence on the ski’s performance. However, our Rise touring skis are designed in such a way that they can be used in a similar way to piste skis despite the significant weight reduction. This is a great advantage, because you don’t have to make any major adjustments when descending off-piste and you can use your usual technique on the ski tour as well. The secret behind it is called the 3 radius concept, which enables easy turn initiation, controlled steering and sensational glide. Even alpine skiers instantly feel comfortable on the Rise-Touring Skis.

Freeride Touring Ski
Freeride Touring Ski sind auf starke Abfahrtsperformance bei allen Schneeverhältnissen ausgelegt

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