Crampons – how they help in icy conditions


how they help in icy conditions

Ski crampons are part of the safety equipment and are required for the uphill in very hard or icy snow conditions.

Crampons have teeth that prevent the touring ski from sliding back on slippery or icy ground. When walking, they are automatically pressed by the boot sole into the snow surface due to body weight. If you use crampons, you should not use the climbing aids, otherwise the touring ski boot will not press the crampons completely into the snow cover. Therefore, the steepness of the uphill track should be correspondingly flatter. The crampons are mounted on the touring binding under the forefoot. Depending on the model of the ski touring binding, this mounting is different and should be practiced at home before the first ski tour – as is well known, it is easier to do this in warm and dry conditions.

MARKER Crampons for Pinbindings (Kingpin/Alpinist)
MARKER Crampons for Framebindings

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