Ski touring backpack – practical features for the ski tour

Ski touring backpack – practical features for the ski tour

Ski touring backpacks usually have a volume of 20L-35L. In terms of capacity, they are very similar to classic day packs. However, backpacks designed for ski touring, offer very practical features that make the tour more enjoyable. Comfortable and ergonomic straps, a nicely padded back and a wide hip belt ensure comfort, while a slim shape provides the necessary freedom of movement on the ski tour. Ski touring backpacks have a separate compartment to store the shovel blade, shovel handle and avalanche probe individually. Objects such as rain jackets or cameras are thus protected from the sharp edges of the shovel, while on the other hand the safety equipment remains very quickly and easily accessible. Loops or straps are attached to both sides of the backpack to fasten the touring skis. The skis are placed with the base facing the backpack in the lower fixation of the binding, the back of the touring binding prevents slipping through. Alternatively, both skis can be put together, fixed with a clip and stretched across the back of the backpack with a loop at the bottom and an extended strap with clip at the top. This solution works very fast and is especially popular in ski tour racing. With both options, the sharp ski edges lie directly on the outer material of the rucksack, so please make sure you use robust outer materials or reinforcements in this area. Modern ski touring backpacks also have a compartment for glasses that is accessible from the outside, which makes it easy to switch from ski goggles to sunglasses and at the same time protecting the expensive glasses and lenses.

In addition to the classic backpacks, there are also avalanche backpacks with integrated airbag systems, also known as avalanche airbags. They are highly recommended for ski tours in open terrain, as air cushions can be triggered in the event of an avalanche. Their additional volume is designed to lift the skier up in the masses of snow and keep him or her on the surface. This reduces the risk of burial and increases the chance of survival. But beware: An avalanche backpack is no guarantee of survival in an avalanche! Wearing such a backpack in no way reduces the known dangers and you must never feel safer or risk more just because you are carrying an airbag.

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