Touring skis – which width is the right one?

Touring skis

which width is the right one?

Ski width and length have a decisive influence on the floating and weight of the touring ski.

The wider the ski, the less it sinks in and the easier it handles in deep snow. However, in hard snow, the ski width makes it more difficult to edge. This can be bothersome and exhausting when skiing or hiking. A narrower ski is recommended then. Wide skis are therefore especially recommended for good snow conditions and powder days.

For classic touring skis, a waist width of 85-95 mm has proven to be the best choice. It combines relatively good floatation with stability and easy hiking. Skis with a width of less than 80 mm usually weigh less and offer good handling characteristics in hard snow or in spring snow. Their slim shape also brings advantages uphill and for icy cross sections. Skis with a waist width more than 95 mm are downhill-oriented and perfect in deep powder, as they sink in only slightly, develop a lot of lift and can be ridden with ease.

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