Ski touring boots – perfectly customized

Ski touring boots

perfectly customized

In general, ski touring boots can be adjusted in several dimensions:

  1. Adjustment of the liner (quickly and easily by heating, which has an enormous effect) –
  2. Adjustment or processing of the outer shell of the boot (by heating or reworking/milling/grinding). To ensure a perfect fit in e.g. Dalbello ski touring boots, high-quality, adjustable materials are used for the liner. Especially at critical points of the foot, highly compressed materials allow additional volume to be created to avoid pressure points. Always have the following measurements carried out by your specialist dealer
  3. Cover feet at critical points which require more volume with foam padding
  4. Carefully put on thin, close-fitting socks
  5. Warm the inner shoe at approx. 80° C for 3-4 minutes in a ski boot oven
  6. Then immediately put it back into the shell
  7. Immediately after that, get into the boot and close the buckles (the tighter the buckles, the larger the volume gain)

Dalbello Quantum ski touring boots are delivered with different liners:

QUANTUM ASOLO FACTORY with ID Touring Pro liner:

  • 8-6 mm ultra-dense IF Ultralon padding
  • Ultralon underside liner
  • Preshaped paddings for best comfort
  • Very supportive in downhill performance

QUANTUM ASOLO & QUANTUM with ID Touring Sport liner:

  • Preshaped paddings for best comfort
  • Medium density material
  • Extremely comfortable, less supportive

Hard shell adjustment on Quantum models Due to the very thin and stiff shell material, it is not advisable to process it. If necessary, however, this should only be done by a specialist.

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