Ski touring – the most important tips for beginners

Ski touring

the most important tips for beginners

Which type of ski tourer are you?

Before you buy new equipment, you should ask yourself what is most important to you when you go ski touring? Is it the powder run you want to reach with as little hiking as possible? Do you want to make a lot of altitude meters? Will ski touring be your main winter sport or are you planning to do just a handful of tours with friends? And what about your fitness and downhill technique? Honest answers make it easier for you to choose the right equipment and save you from trouble. To make the decision a little easier, compare yourself with the different types of ski tourers.


The „essentials” are: Touring skis incl. touring bindings with matching climbing skins and crampons as well as ski touring shoes. For ski tours outside of secured slopes, an avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel and an avalanche probe are a must in your backpack. Also recommmended are ski touring poles with a large baskets and of course good touring clothing with a changeable layer, depending on the weather. A first aid kit including bivouac bag and multitool as well as a topographical map should also be part of your gear. Last but not least a ski tour without sunscreen, ski goggles, a snack and a warm drink is possible, but not recommended and definitely only half as nice. Especially sufficient hydration are an absolute must.

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Safety & first ski tours

Besides checking the most important equipment (see above), before every ski tour you have to study the weather as well as the avalanche situation very carefully to see if it fits the current situation. If you are not 100% sure, choose a slightly shorter, less demanding ski tour with less avalanche danger. Or consider going on a piste ski tour instead. We strongly recommend that you attend a ski touring course with avalanche training to learn everything you need to know about the sport. The experts will advise you on how to use the equipment and the right techniques and how to realistically assess ski tours. The right contacts are mountain schools and mountain guides, which you can find in almost all regions.

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